Graphite foils

Large selection of standard-quality graphite foils, high-quality Sigraflex foils and speciality graphite foils
e.g. with extreme conductivity (heat spreader), low sulfur content, high oxidation resistance etc.

Graphite foils have a high temperature resistance (approx. -210 ° C to approx. 450 ° C under an oxidative atmosphere, up to> 2500 ° C under an inert atmosphere or in vacuum). Graphite does not burn and does not age. Graphite has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is radiation-repellent. Graphite is chemically resistant to most (including aggressive) media. Therefore graphite foils are suitable e.g. as sealing material for corrosive media even at high temperatures. Our foils also have excellent mechanical properties.
They are easy to cut into the desired shape using scissors etc. Our foils are non-toxic and harmless to health.
Graphite foils can be used in a very wide variety of ways.
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